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After serving four years in the United States Air Force, Nate found a new calling in the health and wellness field. Nate’s passion for fitness and bio-mechanics has driven him to spend the last thirteen years learning about the human body and helping people move, feel, and perform better.
Nate has accumulated over 4,000 credit hours of advanced coursework, received four elite professional certifications, and is the only Rx-level specialist practicing Muscle Activation Techniques in the state of Arizona.
While practicing in Tucson, Nate was invited to speak about MAT on 104.1 The Truth with Dr. Zara Larson. Nate has also been featured in the Tucson Citizen's Biz Beat, written by Dr. Tyler Woods, Ph.D., discussing her success with MAT.
Nate has since moved his practice to Scottsdale, AZ, where he continues to help people address the muscular component associated with many common aches and pains. 
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